Trusted Resources

Websites, Resources and Apps

Finding trusted information helps you to make the best decisions for your health.

Things to think about when looking
for health information

Is it an advert?

Is someone trying to sell you something?

Who created the information?

Are they an expert with lots of knowledge or someone giving their opinion?

Why is the information there?

There is lots of fake news online. Sometimes, websites try and mislead or misinform people.

Search engine rankings

Just because a page is at the top of a search, it doesn’t mean we can trust it straight away.


A list of health apps from trusted sources:

Trusted Guides

Tips to find trusted health information.

PIF Tick

The Patient Information Forum (PIF) aims to improve the quality of health information. The PIF Tick shows if a website has trustworthy information.

Hospital Patient Leaflets (Lancashire Teaching)

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust 

Lancashire and South Cumbria Foundation Trust

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Trust

East Lancashire Teaching Hospitals


The links below are for websites you can trust.

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