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Recommended Reads

The Art and Science of Patient Education for Health Literacy

by Melissa Stewart

ISBN: 9780323609081
Publication Date: 2020

Health Literacy from A to Z: practical ways to communicate your health message

by Helen Osborne

ISBN: 9781947937130
Publication Date: 2018

Health Literacy and Child Health Outcomes

edited by Rosina Connelly and Teri Turner

ISBN: 978-3319507989
Publication Date: 2017

International Handbook of Health Literacy –

The Health Gap: the challenge of an unequal world

by Michael Marmot

ISBN: 978-1408857977
Publication Date: 2016

Health Literacy in Context – settings, media, and populations,

edited by Don Nutbeam, Diane Levin-Zamir and Gill Rowlands

ISBN: 978-3038974710
Publication Date: 2019

Coping with illness digitally

by Stephen A. Rains
ISBN: 978-0262038287
Publication Date: 2018


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Reports and Documents

Health Literacy ‘how to’ guide

Health Education England, 2020

Improving health literacy to reduce health inequalities

Public Health England, 2015

The role of digital exclusion in social exclusion

Carnegie UK Trust
Publication Date: 2016

Digital inclusion in health and care: lessons learned from the NHS widening digital participation programme (2017-2020)

Good Things Foundation
Publication Date: 2020

Essential digital skills report 2021

Lloyds Bank
Publication Date: 2021

Health Literacy Toolkit
Health and digital literacy survey 19/20

Patient Information Forum

Digital inclusion guide for health and social care

NHS Digital
Publication Date: 2019

The economic impact of basic digital skills and inclusion in the UK

Publication Date: 2015

UK consumer digital index 2021

Lloyds Bank
Publication Date: 2021

UK Digital Strategy

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
Publication Date: 2022


What is the meaning of health literacy? A systematic review and qualitative synthesis

by C. Liu et al

Association between low functional health literacy and mortality in older adults: longitudinal cohort study

by S. Bostock et al

A mismatch between population health literacy and the complexity of information: an observational study
by G. Rowlands et al
The impact of health literacy environment on patient stress: a systematic review

by J. Yeh et al

The relationship between health literacy and patient activation among frequent users of healthcare services: a cross-sectional study

by E. M Couture et al

Evidence on the effectiveness of health literacy interventions in the EU: a systematic review

by B.B. Visscher et al


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